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the search for an air leak on the ISS continues

The Moscow Region Mission Control Center, according to RIA Novosti, has proposed a new way to search for an air leak on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

To date, it has been established that the problem affects the transition compartment of the Zvezda service module, which is part of the Russian segment of the station. Roscosmos emphasizes that the current situation does not pose a threat to the life and health of the ISS crew and does not prevent the continued operation of the station in a manned mode.

However, the search for the leak is ongoing. At the end of last week it was reported that astronauts will try to detect the “breach” using confetti – thin strips of paper and plastic with pieces of foam. It was assumed that the microflows of air generated by the leak would cause these indicators to deviate or group in a specific location. Alas, apparently, this method did not give results.

Now experts suggest placing thin bags and films in the problem compartment, which theoretically will shrink in the place of possible leakage.

A decision was made to open the RO-PrK hatch [между рабочим отсеком и промежуточной камерой модуля “Звезда”]… Experts recommended to look for the leak with the help of plastic films and bags“- quotes” RIA Novosti “statements of an employee of the Flight Control Center.

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