The second stage of school enrollment has begun in St. Petersburg

The second stage of school enrollment has begun in St. Petersburg

In the first hours, 80% of parents used the St. Petersburg State Services Portal.

At 9 am, applications for enrollment of children in the first grades for the 2020-2021 academic year, as well as in all the St. Petersburg MFCs, were received at the multifunctional center of the Moscow District.

Those who planned to apply through the State Service Portal of St. Petersburg could do so from the north. many parents
they took the opportunity to pre-fill the application, and after the beginning of the second stage, they only had to send the saved draft.

Despite the possibility of applying online, many parents still prefer the option of personal filing, but on January 20, there was no rush. In the MFC of the Moscow district in
9.10 all operator windows were working, but there were no queues.


Responding to questions from journalists, Anna Grubske, Head of the General Education Department of the Education Committee, said: “Parents can come to any IFC or apply at the State Services Portal
Of St. Petersburg. They will then be notified of when to bring documents to school, as well as the fact that the child is already enrolled in the first grade. We repeat that neither date nor time have
value, because within 30 days applications will accumulate in a single system. And only from February 20, schools will start working with applications and sending invitations to parents. We have installed
such a term is because practice shows – most parents apply in the first month. In addition, in St. Petersburg, the principle of territorial attachment, according to
to which parents, no matter when they apply, will be able to send their child to school in their area or neighborhood. As for residents of new neighborhoods, they have not yet been built
schools, applicants are attaching to existing ones. This year 60 thousand children went to school, next year we are expecting 62 thousand ”.


“We are working closely with the Committee on Education,” informatizers “and methodologists hear each other, – adds Andriy Ovcharenko, director of SPb SUE” SPb IAC “- and the result of cooperation
we have created a system that meets the needs of the city. Unlike other regions, where applications are received through the federal portal, in St. Petersburg, applications are issued in the city
portals. We can flexibly adapt it to the needs of our users. Recently, the software platform has been completely modernized, the principle and procedure of providing services in part have changed
administrative regulations. For the fifth year, the system withstands load and works optimally. This year 25% more applications were submitted through the Portal in the first hours than in the past. In numbers it is
looks like this: by the morning, more than 8,000 applications have already been filed against 6,000 in 2019. ”


“The current system has been in operation for the fifth year,” said Olga Reshetova, deputy chairman of the Committee on Information and Communication of St. Petersburg, “and we have tried to ensure that it is
as comfortable as possible for parents. Everything works in the regular mode, the operation goes in working order, there are no failures. ”


The beginning of the third, last stage – July 1. From this date, those from St. Petersburg who wish to send their child to school will not be able to submit applications.

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Committee for Information and Communication of St. Petersburg

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