AdvantiX «Брусника» ВКП-Б2/ЭЛ4С-A1

The series of fanless servers AdvantiX “Brusnika” based on Russian CPU Elbrus will be replenished with new models / ServerNews

LLC “Advantiks”, a Russian manufacturer of industrial IT systems, and JSC “MCST”, a developer of domestic microprocessors “Elbrus”, entered into an agreement on strategic cooperation, in which, in particular, it is planned to jointly work on new industrial computers of the AdvantiX series “Brusnika” …

There are currently three solutions in the AdvantiX Lingonberry series. The first and most interesting is the VKP-B2 / EL4S-A1 2U server based on the four-core Russian Elbrus-4C processor. The model has a fanless design and a passive convection cooling system, there are no components with moving parts in it. They are designed for non-stop operation 24/7 at temperatures from + 5 ° to + 35 ° C.


AdvantiX “Lingonberry” VKP-B2 / EL4S-A1

Two other solutions of the AdvantiX “Brusnika” series, VKP-B2 / EL4S-A1 and VKP-B2 / EL8S-A1, are also 2U servers with Elbrus-4S and Elbrus-8S processors, respectively. They are also classified as industrial computers and are designed to work around the clock. The difference from the first model is that they are equipped with the usual air cooling and can operate at temperatures from + 5 ° to + 40 ° C. The chassis design is such that the fans can be replaced through the front panel of the case.


AdvantiX “Lingonberry” VKP-B2 / EL4S-A1 and VKP-B2 / EL8S-A1

Other capabilities of the systems are determined, first of all, by the KPI chipset (for Elbrus-4S) or KPI-2 (for Elbrus-8S and newer). The servers are supplied complete with Elbrus OS. Support for Astra Linux Special Edition, ZOSRV “Neutrino-E”, as well as Windows XP and 7 (in binary broadcast mode) is declared.

Technical characteristics of AdvantiX

Technical characteristics of AdvantiX “Brusnika” based on CPU “Elbrus”

It is expected that the cooperation of the companies will accelerate the development of productive fanless solutions based on the faster and more modern eight-core Elbrus-8SV processor. Such systems will expand the use of domestic systems in industry and other critical areas such as transportation, energy, mining and others.