The Sims 4 fans accused EA of stealing over new paid bundles

The Sims 4 fans accused EA of stealing over new paid bundles

Recently, The Sims 4 has added $ 400 paid bundles that add exclusive content such as dust-fighting vacuums and special rewards associated with the activity. Not everyone liked the innovation. Some fans began to criticize Electronic Arts, accuse the publisher of theft, and urge it to ignore the sets.

A post from a user under the pseudonym Slaughter-Laughter appeared on the Reddit forum. In his message, a disgruntled player wrote: “I’m definitely not going to support EA anymore. I think they are a bunch of thieves. I don’t know if that matters, but I feel like the Sims community needs to act and share their opinions. One person won’t do anything. A hundred will do nothing, but if we increase this number to thousands or more? Don’t buy kits from EA. Maybe you should write EA and complain too. For me, the price of these kits is insane and clearly not what the community wanted. “

Next, Slaughter-Laughter accuses Electronic Arts of trying to cash in on The Sims 4 fans and not developing the game. He contacted EA support and received one set for free. Let us recall that by now the cost of the project with all the additions has already exceeded 50 thousand rubles.

A disgruntled fan post on Reddit garnered 2,000 positive comments. After him, similar publications from other users began to appear on the Web. As for Electronic Arts, it has not yet commented on the situation.

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