The Sinking City authors ask not to buy the game on Steam

The Sinking City authors ask not to buy the game on Steam

The Sinking City detective thriller studio has stated that the version of the game currently being distributed on Steam was not made by Frogwares. In this regard, the team asks not to buy the project. “Frogwares did not create the version of The Sinking City that is currently being sold on Steam. We do not recommend buying this version. We will tell you more about this soon “, – wrote the studio in Twitter

As reported by Steam users, the current version of the game does not support achievements, cloud saves or add-ons. At the time of writing, the studio hasn’t released any additional statements.

As a reminder, The Sinking City was previously withdrawn from sale by Frogwares during a legal dispute between the developer and the publisher (Nacon) in August 2020. According to the studio, Nacon (formerly Big Ben Interactive) violated several clauses of the license agreement and owes Frogwares about € 1 million.

The game returned to digital playgrounds last month following a Paris Court of Appeal ruling that Frogwares had illegally terminated its contract with its publisher.

In a statement last week for the release of The Sinking City on PlayStation 5, the Frogwares team clarified that they are self-publishing the game on PS5. On PlayStation 4, the project has a different publisher and ID, and therefore updating the game to the PS5 version is currently not possible.

The Sinking City is currently available for purchase from PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, and various PC gaming platforms including Steam.

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