the Skydio 2 drone understands the environment better than the Tesla autopilot

the Skydio 2 drone understands the environment better than the Tesla autopilot

We have already written about the claims of some drivers to Tesla’s “full-fledged autopilot”, which sometimes behaves quite dangerous on the roads. An interesting video has appeared on the Web that confirms the shortcomings of the current beta version of the software, but at the same time shows the capabilities of Tesla’s advanced autopilot.

The owner of the Brandon M channel (judging by the video, his name is really Brandon – as the Russian passenger sitting next to him calls him) decided to test the Tesla Model 3 full autopilot (beta version 2020.40.8.11) on the narrow streets. At the same time, he put on the automatic tracking of the electric car the Skydio 2 drone on the Tegra X2 platform, which is distinguished by very advanced capabilities of circular machine vision: it is difficult to break it even in the forest thanks to the collision avoidance system. It turned out a very interesting video:

Skydio 2 very cleverly avoided all the obstacles in these narrow streets. The ability of automation to avoid not only tree branches, but even telephone wires and power lines is impressive. Sometimes the drone lagged behind the car, but then quickly found a route and caught up with the Tesla Model 3.

As for Tesla’s autopilot, overall it worked well too. But there were still dangerous moments: once the electric car dangerously approached a parked car at a turn, forcing the driver to grab the steering wheel and manually correct the position. At another moment, the Tesla Model 3, passing by the parked car, slowed down sharply, causing nervous exclamations from the driver and passenger.

While Tesla’s automatics hesitated in places or seemed to slow the car down to handle difficult environments, the Skydio 2 flew confidently. Of course, Tesla has to do a lot more computing than a drone. The autopilot must identify pedestrians, identify road markings, signs, and more. Nevertheless, all this should help the car on the road, and not try to hit the red sedan standing directly in front of it. And the responsibility of an electric car is much higher: a mistake on the road often costs someone’s life. One way or another, Skydio 2’s AI is really impressive.

Brandon M describes himself as a lover of everything tech – he is especially interested in Apple and Tesla products, renewable energy and the like. On his channel, you can see a number of other tests of a preliminary version of Tesla’s full autopilot. For example, he posted a large video recorded in Sacramento at night. The driver interfered with the latest version of the autopilot much less often than before. The car slowed down on speed bumps, potholes, coped with rather difficult situations when other cars, pedestrians and cyclists crossed the road:

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