The State Duma proposed to create a register of sites with an audience of more than 500 thousand people per day

State Duma deputies proposed equating Internet resources with an audience of more than 500 thousand people a day to social networks. Writes about this TASS. This will affect sites in Russian and the state languages ​​of other republics within the country.


It is assumed that Roskomnadzor will be engaged in tracing such resources. The department will send a notification to providers, after which they are required to provide information within three days that will identify the owner of the site. For this, a special register will be created, where the necessary data will be entered.

At the request of the owner, a resource can be removed from the register if within three months the audience of the site was less than 500 thousand people per day. It will also happen without a statement if the activity falls below the mark for six months.

Executive Director of the Society for the Protection of the Internet Mikhail Klimarev, in a conversation with 3DNews, called the initiative of the deputies unenforceable: “This is another law that will not work. Absolutely. It is not yet clear how to calculate the audience size and on what basis? But what if the owner does not put any counter on his resource? The authorities will be able to apply the law selectively. For example, Roskomnadzor will come and say that the attendance is 500 thousand people, and the company will answer 490 thousand. Then they will be required to prove it, and the conversation will end there. When the authorities develop a specific tool for calculating, then it will be possible to discuss this“.

The amendment is timed to coincide with the second reading of the 2017 draft law on the regulation of social networks. If accepted, it will oblige social networks to independently identify and block illegal content. For example, pornographic images, data on the methods of making drugs, calls for suicide and much more. Probably, the new amendment will oblige all sites with an audience of more than 500 thousand people per day to comply with these requirements.

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