The Taiwanese horror film Detention is released on Netflix

The Taiwanese horror film Detention is released on Netflix

Netflix’s library of in-game adaptations of the streaming service has been expanded with Back to School, a television adaptation of the Taiwanese horror game Detention. According to the description, the case takes place in the sixties of the XX century, during the period of “white terror” in Taiwan. The members of the underground school club that studies forbidden literature – students and teachers – are surrounded by terrible and mysterious incidents.

According to PC Gamer, this Netflix series has nothing to do with the 2019 movie, which was also based on a game from Red Candle Games. The Chinese adaptation starred Lingwei Lee as Yunxiang Liu and Ning Han as Ruixin Fang. “Exhausted by various problems, the student learns about the terrible secrets of the new school. Betrayal and meeting with the supernatural turn her life upside down. “ – reported in the description of the series. The first 2 episodes are already available, and a total of 8 have been filmed, and each next one will be released in a week.

Denis Shchennikov in our review rated the horror film Detention at 8 points out of 10, praising it for a sad and mysterious story about people and real emotions; melancholic atmosphere of loneliness; a good balance of complexity and illogicality of riddles; simple yet varied gameplay. To the disadvantages of this independent project, he attributed the strong limitations of the authors in expressive means.

By the way, Netflix was again forced to suspend production of the second season of The Witcher following the outbreak of COVID-19 at a show at Arborfield Studios, near London. Four people tested positive for coronavirus in a short period of time, prompting Netflix to conduct an isolated test of all participants in the show. It is reported that none of the leading actors have tested positive yet.

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