the watch was disguised as an iPod Nano

Twitter user @AppleDemoYt today posted a photo of a prototype of the first version of Apple Watch in a disguise case resembling an iPod Nano. It is believed that this prototype was used for internal testing of the device prior to launching into series production five years ago. The device was packaged in a box labeled “Apple Confidential” and many tampering warnings.

The photos show a prototype stainless steel Apple Watch “packaged” in a silicone camouflage case. These cases are typically used by Apple to hide the true design of unannounced products. Interestingly, the camouflage case is similar to the iPod Nano. As a reminder, many have used the sixth generation iPod Nano as a watch thanks to third-party accessories. Therefore, this method of disguise looks quite reasonable.

Images of Apple Watch prototypes have appeared on the web before, showing minor differences from the final design. Thanks to such leaks, it is possible to clearly see how Apple is developing its products before their official launch.

Such prototypes are in great demand among collectors and are sometimes sold at auctions for fabulous money.

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