The wheel of the updated Tesla Model S electric car has raised safety issues

The wheel of the updated Tesla Model S electric car has raised safety issues

Unveiled a couple of days ago, the interior of the updated Tesla Model S electric sedan caught the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), part of the US Department of Transportation. In particular, the regulator had questions related to the safety of operating the updated version of the electric vehicle.

The new interior of the Tesla Model S includes a steering wheel of a very unusual shape. Due to the loss of the upper part, it now looks more like the steering wheel of a racing car than the steering wheel of an ordinary city vehicle. Outwardly really interesting. True, due to its shape, its use in urban traffic conditions may turn out to be not only inconvenient, but even potentially dangerous. In particular, if necessary, perform a U-turn on the vehicle or parallel parking. The company itself does not report on the refinement of the steering mechanism, so you will still have to steer with interceptions.

Additional questions from web users were caused by the absence of steering-column direction indicators and a wiper, as well as a steering-column gearshift selector. On this head Tesla Elon Musk (Elon Musk) answeredthat the updated Tesla, thanks to smart electronics, itself changes gears and predicts the direction of travel according to the traffic situation, navigation system, and obstacles that it sees in front of itself. All the nuances of the car’s behavior can be customized on the new on-board screen. He also added that after driving a new Tesla Model S for several days without a gearshift paddle shifter, the owner will not want to go back behind the wheel of the car where it is installed.

The rising information clamor caught the attention of the NHTSA. The agency said it will sort out the issue.

“At the moment, NHTSA is unable to draw conclusions about whether the steering is consistent [обновлённой Tesla Model S] federal motor vehicle safety standards. We will contact the car manufacturer for more information. “, – quoted the words of a spokesman for NHTSA news agency Fox News Autos.

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