They wanted to change the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII even more, but Tetsuya Nomura did not allow

They wanted to change the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII even more, but Tetsuya Nomura did not allow

In a recent interview with Japan’s Famitsu, the lead developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake confirmed that production for Episode 2 is now in full production. In the same conversation, one of the project development directors, Tetsuya Nomura, said that he did not allow too many changes in the second half of the game.

Fragments of the interview were translated by a Reddit user under the pseudonym MKillerby. “We decided from the beginning what the Final Fantasy VII remake should be, so there was almost no disagreement [об изменениях сюжета] did not have, Nomura said. – However, the opinions of people on the team did not always coincide, so we talked about how pronounced the change should be. We discussed the second half of the game especially a lot. In such disputes, I acted as a kind of obstacle

Nomura also admitted that after the release of the first part, he first of all felt “relief”. “The remake is not yet complete, but I think everyone has already understood in which direction we are moving.”– he noted.

The developers strive to finish work on the second episode as soon as possible, but they are not ready to talk about the timing of its release yet. “We want the next installment to surpass the first in quality and give fans even more fun.”Nomura said.

Second Chief Development Officer Naoki Hamaguchi, who also serves as Lead Designer and Lead Programmer, constantly reminded the team of how important “Respect the original work”. “This is not a new game inspired by the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII, but a reworked original with modern design and graphics. – he noted. – We wanted to achieve the feeling of something familiar and new at the same time. We tried to preserve the existing elements and add details that were impossible to imagine twenty years ago. “

“The younger employees were afraid to make any changes, He continued. – Producer Yoshinori Kitase, for example, asked for a significant redesign of the game. Nomura and I were convinced that the remake should respect the original, so only those innovations that could be accepted by fans were approved. “

“In the next part, players will break out of Midgar into spacious locations, – added Hamaguchi. – I want it to have the feel of the Final Fantasy VII world, but also to captivate players even more. “

The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake was released on April 10, 2020, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. A year after the release, the game will be available on other platforms. In three days, RPG sales worldwide exceeded 3.5 million copies, making it one of the leaders in terms of sales rate among all console exclusives. The record is now held by The Last of Us Part II (four million copies over the same period).

Critics were very positive about the remake: the rating on Metacritic was 87 out of 100 possible points. Among other things, journalists and players praised the creators for the fact that they managed to expand the plot component and the history of the universe, while preserving everything that fans loved. Many even liked the controversial scene with Cloud’s dressing up: it was significantly reworked from the original, for which Motomu Toriyama was responsible.

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