this year's console to be!

this year’s console to be!

Sony has announced quite a while ago that its next-generation PlayStation 5 console is due to debut for the 2020 Christmas season. Recently, doubts arose in this, but now there is indirect evidence that this year there will be a new console! In any case, very soon mass production of processors for it will begin.

Next week, AMD will begin supplying chips of semi-custom hybrid processors of the future PlayStation 5 for their further packaging and testing, the Digitimes resource reports citing its own source in the semiconductor supply channels. Recall that the Sony PlayStation 5 console platform will combine eight Zen 2 cores and an RDNA 2 graphics processor with 36 computing units.

During June, July and August, the supply of chips will increase. This means that in the coming months, Sony should begin mass production of the new console. Accordingly, at the time of the launch of the PlayStation 5 closer to the end of the year, the Japanese company will have enough stocks of the device to satisfy demand and prevent shortages.

At the same time, several puzzles remain regarding the future Sony console. The main ones: how will it look and how much will it cost? Both that, and another plays a big role in sales and is capable to define success. However, Microsoft has also not yet announced the price of its Xbox Series X. But on the other hand, it showed a design that received positive reviews.

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