Tiger Lake and Intel Xe Graphics Leaked From Intel

Tiger Lake and Intel Xe Graphics Leaked From Intel

At the moment, we already know quite a lot about the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake mobile processors due to many rumors and leaks from them. Now, on the Web, allegedly, fragments of Intel documentation appeared that could confirm previous leaks and reveal new information about the integrated graphics of future CPUs. The presented images, although not of high quality, but look quite similar to Intel presentations for partners.

Tiger Lake processors will replace the current Ice Lake mobile chips. Like their predecessors, they will be produced according to the 10-nm process technology, but improved and improved. Intel will release two series of chips: Tiger Lake-Y and Tiger Lake-U. In the first case, the TDP will be 9 watts, but if desired, laptop manufacturers will be able to reduce it down to 5 watts. In the case of Tiger Lake-U, the default TDP will be set to 28 watts, and laptop manufacturers will be able to reduce it to 15 or 10 watts. Recall that in most current Ice Lake-U the standard TDP is 15 watts and vice versa it can be increased to 25 watts.

Tiger Lake processors will be available in a “4 + 2” configuration, which means there are four Willow Cove processor cores and two “cores” of integrated graphics with Intel X architecturee (12th generation). The graphic part will include up to 96 execution units (EU), i.e. up to 768 shaders. Thus, Intel plans to compete with the integrated graphics Vega second generation mobile processors Ryzen 4000.

We should also pay attention to the capabilities of the hardware video codec of the new graphics. According to the data presented, Intel’s 12th generation graphics will offer support for decoding modern standards AV1, 12-bit VP9 and H.265 / HEVC. As a result, the new “embed” Intel will be able to provide video playback in resolutions up to 8K at 60 FPS.

It is also reported that Intel aimed to double the performance of the 12th generation integrated graphics in Tiger Lake compared to the 11th generation graphics with Ice Lake. This corresponds to a recent Intel X performance leak.e. And compared with older ninth-generation graphics (Comet Lake, and many other CPUs), performance should grow up to four times.

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