Tiger Lake-U Intel Xe graphics credited with brutal performance in 3DMark

Tiger Lake-U Intel Xe graphics credited with brutal performance in 3DMark

Intel’s twelfth-generation GPU architecture (Intel Xe) will find application both in discrete GPUs and in the integrated graphics of future processors of the company. The upcoming Tiger Lake-Us will be the first CPUs with graphic cores based on it, and now it is possible to compare the performance of their “built-in” with the graphics of the 11th generation of actual Ice Lake-Us.

Resource Notebook Check presented data on testing various mobile processors of the Tiger Lake-U family in the notorious 3DMark Fire Strike synthetic test. The specific test results are not specified, and only relative values ​​are given. The unit is taken to be the performance of the integrated graphics of the 11th generation Iris Plus G4 (48 execution units, EU) in the Core i3 processor of the Ice Lake-U generation.

According to the data presented, the integrated graphics of the 12th generation with the same number of blocks (48 EU) will provide more than a twofold increase in performance. This can definitely be considered a very impressive result, as well as a demonstration that Intel has really made significant efforts to create its new graphics architecture. And that gives hope for decent performance on discrete Intel X family GPUse.

Even more impressive are the results of the more powerful Intel next-generation integrated GPUs. The graphics of the Core i5 Tiger Lake-U processor with 80 blocks is almost twice as productive as the most powerful Iris Plus G7 graphics with 64 EU in the current Ice Lake-U. Finally, the maximum configuration of the “embed” Intel Xewith 96 blocks, it demonstrates an even higher level of performance, more than twice the current Iris Plus G7.

Recall, Tiger Lake-S processors should debut in the second half of this year. In addition to the new graphics, they will also offer new Willow Cove processor cores, and they will also be manufactured using an improved 10-nm process technology, due to which they will work at higher frequencies compared to Ice Lake-U.

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