TikTok has new anti-bullying features

TikTok has new anti-bullying features

The developers of the popular short video service TikTok announced the introduction of new features designed to combat bullying on the platform. We are talking about a comment filter, as well as a comment hint function that will help you to be more aware of published posts.

According to the available data, the filter of all comments will allow video authors to independently determine which comments will be published under their video. When this option is activated, comments left by users will not be automatically posted until approved by the author of the video.

As for the comment rating function, it will give users the opportunity to rate their comment in terms of relevance prior to publication. The option will remind you of the need to comply with the platform rules, giving the user the opportunity to edit their comment before sending. This feature is similar to the one that appeared on Instagram some time ago and is used to warn users that their comments may violate the rules of the network.

It is worth noting that TikTok also has filters that allow you to filter out comments with spam, insults, and user-specified keywords. Over the past months, TikTok has substantially tightened its rules to combat bullying and bullying on the platform. The developers also work with third-party experts to advise the company on published content policies and moderation rules.

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