Tim Sweeney lied, and Fortnite developers are to blame

Tim Sweeney lied, and Fortnite developers are to blame

Apple responded to Epic Games’ lawsuit, in which the developer of the popular game Fortnite accused the company of anti-competitive behavior. The statement said that Epic Games tried to achieve individual terms of use for the App Store before the conflict, which violates Apple’s rules and the Fortnite game will not return to the store until the end of the trial. Three emails from Epic Games head Tim Sweeney were presented to prove this.

On July 30, 2020, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney e-mailed me and my colleagues asking for an “addendum” with Apple, which would include a special deal with Epic that will revolutionize Epic’s iOS app distribution“Said Phil Schiller, a former vice president of the Cupertino-based company and now an Apple advisor and head of the App Store.

It is worth noting that Sweeney previously said that Epic does not plan to seek “special conditions” for the use of the App Store, but seeks to fight for the fundamental rights of developers and consumers. Now Apple has announced that Sweeney has asked Apple to allow Fortnite to use its own payment mechanism. Phil Schiller stated that Sweeney wrote to him about this on the same day Fortnite’s payment mechanism was changed and stated that Epic “will no longer comply with Apple’s payment processing restrictions“. “Due to restrictions imposed by Apple, Epic is unable to provide certain features to consumers in our iOS apps.“- wrote Sweeney in another letter, which received the top executives of Apple, including Tim Cook (Tim Cook).

It is worth noting that Epic asked the court to approve a ruling on the basis of which Fortnite could return to the App Store during the proceedings, but Apple is not ready to take such a step. “Following their own voluntary actions, Epic is now seeking help. However, she herself created an emergency.“, – said in the conclusion of Apple’s lawyers.

Apple’s position remains unchanged. If Epic removes its own payment mechanism from Fortnite, then the game can return to the App Store. If this does not happen, then Apple will block Epic Games’ access to iOS app development tools.

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