Tinkoff immigrants launch financial service in Germany

Tinkoff immigrants launch financial service in Germany

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Sergey Dragun | 06/06/2020

Tinkoff immigrants launch financial service in Germany

The new service is a mobile application and a card for managing personal finances from a smartphone, which allows you to open accounts, make payments and transfers, as well as invest in stocks.

Service partners are German SolarisBank, and Visa. The bank provides its licensed platform for online banking and Visa has its own payment system. This year the company plans to go to other
European countries.

Vivid Money allows you to create an account for managing finances from a smartphone. Together with the account, users receive a virtual card. The card can also be issued in plastic form. On her
there will be no personal data, number or expiration date – this information is in the application.

Investment products will soon appear in the service – an opportunity to invest in stocks of American and European companies and in ETF. The application allows you to open accounts in more than 100 currencies.

Two types of accounts are available: Vivid Standard or Vivid Prime account. In the first case, the service will be free, and the premium service will cost € 9.90 per month.

Vivid Money was founded in 2019 by the former senior vice president of business development of TCS Group Artem Yamanov and the former vice president of new products development of the company Alexander
Emeshyov. The project team has 130 employees.

The main investor of the project is TCS Group.


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