Tinkoff shared its call center with small and medium-sized businesses

Tinkoff shared its call center with small and medium-sized businesses

Anna Savelyeva

Business Outsourcing Call Center is based on Tinkoff’s own Home Cloud Call Center. More than 1000 operators who have received special training,
will be able to solve the problems related to the ringing of customers and the processing of incoming calls on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan in 24/7 mode.

Outsourcing call center operators will be able to receive calls and advise clients as well as call potential customers on their own. In addition, Tinkoff offers
virtual secretary service that allows you to route calls between company employees.

Call center clients can form teams of any size for their tasks. At present, Tinkoff has 11,000 people.

You can manage outsourced call center services in Tinkoff Business’s personal office. All calls are downloaded in real time, the customer can listen
them anytime online. It also displays final and interim reports.

It is not necessary to have an account with Tinkoff to use the service, but the price depends on it: the cost per minute of call for bank clients is on average lower by 25%. Development of scripts
and training call center specialists for all clients will be free of charge. They are written specifically for the task.

Charges are only charged for incoming calls, which are not rounded to the minute and are calculated to the nearest second. IT and technical support, integration with CRM
client, personal manager services, reporting and recommendations will also be completely free of charge for clients. The cost of the service is 22 500 rubles in 1500 minutes.

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