To keep fit, the CEO of Twitter and Square exercises daily, meditates, and eats once a day.

Working as the CEO of two large corporations – Twitter and Square – is a source of stress for anyone, but for Jack Dorsey (pictured), it was the catalyst for making major life changes.


Dorsey says that after taking over as CEO of Twitter in 2015, he put on a strict diet, exercise and meditation. “just to stay above level“.

The CEO of Twitter and Square spoke about this period in his talk last week on The Boardroom: Out of Office podcast hosted by Rich Kleiman, co-founder of investment firm Thirty Five Ventures and manager of NBA star Kevin Durant. Durant). Clayman asked Dorsey about his net worth, which is more than $ 7.7 billion, and why he is willing to put up with the stress of running two companies when he could just live for his own pleasure.

I don’t think too much about the monetary aspects of this, probably because all my value really comes from these two companies.“Dorsey said, adding that to gain access to this fortune, he would have to sell his shares. Dorsey said that he sees stress as a motivator and an opportunity to keep learning, which has also caused major changes in his personal life.

When I got back on Twitter and took a second job, I got really serious about meditation, and really serious about just putting a lot more of my time and energy into training and staying physically fit, and also being more critical about diet.Dorsey said. – It was necessary. Just to stay fit“.

Dorsey had to radically reconsider his daily routine. He meditates for two hours every day, eats only once a day, and practices abstaining from food on weekends.

Dorsey usually wakes up at 5 am and meditates. Before the coronavirus pandemic, he walked to work at Twitter headquarters every morning. The five-mile walk (8 km) usually took him 1 hour and 20 minutes, Dorsey said.

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