tolerable performance even through the emulator

tolerable performance even through the emulator

Only we reported that developers began to receive their Mac Trans Mini Developer Transition Kit with Apple A12Z processors, as the first test results of systems based on these chips appeared on the Web. Recall that Apple decided to abandon Intel processors and smoothly switch over to using only its 64-bit ARM processors for two years.

Information on the results of synthetic tests contained in the Geekbench 5 database of the developer’s test kit in the form of a Mac Mac compact nettop based on Apple A12Z and running the beta version of the new macOS 11 Big Sur operating system was shared by Twitter user Pierre Dundumont (Pierre Dandumont). To be able to run tests designed for x86 processors, the benchmark was launched in the Rosetta 2 emulator. It is integrated into the Big Sur operating system and allows running old applications designed to work on Intel processors on ARM-based systems. It translates instructions written for Intel processors into instructions that are understandable to ARM chips. That is why Geekbench had to be launched through the emulator.

The results indicate that the performance of the Apple A12Z in a single-threaded test is from 700 to 800 points, and in a multi-threaded test, the processor scores from 2582 to 2962 points. Interestingly, the results of Geekbench 5 indicate the use of a quad-core processor, but it is known that the A12Z Bionic is built on the basis of four large and four small cores. It is possible that the synthetic test could not determine the correct number of cores for the chip, or perhaps for the tests we used systems with only four active processor cores. It is not yet possible to answer this question.

For comparison, the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro notebook based on the Intel Core i5-1038NG7 processor running the macOS 10.15 operating system scores about 1200 points in a single-threaded test, and about 4400 points in a multi-threaded test. But to use Geekbench in this case, you do not need to resort to the help of an emulator. The Mac mini model of the release of the end of 2018 scores 1015 points in the same test in a single-threaded test, and 5275 points in a multi-threaded test. Again, without an emulator.

Of course, I would like direct comparisons with approximately the same potential systems based on Windows. However, the same Surface Pro X tablet based on ARM and Windows 10 can only emulate the 32-bit version of Geekbench. In general, it is now difficult to evaluate how native macOS applications will work on the basis of the Apple processor. If only because the final version of the chip, which will be present in new Mac computers, the company has not yet shown.

It should be added that the developers who participated in the program for switching to new Apple processors were given the condition not to take photos and videos, not to draw any sketches or measurement graphs, and not to test the performance of the Developer Transition Kit system and not Do not demonstrate its results without official written permission of Apple. In general, thanks to the aforementioned leaks, someone seems to have already found adventure on their own head.

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