TP-Link expands its ecosystem of smart home devices

TP-Link expands its ecosystem of smart home devices


Andrey Markeev | 11/22/2020

TP-Link expands its ecosystem of smart home devices

According to IDC research, by 2023 the number of smart home devices will grow from the current 1,000 million units to almost 1,600 million. At the same time, product categories will develop at the fastest pace.
related to lighting and video surveillance systems.

TP-Link, formerly known as a manufacturer of network equipment for the home and corporate segment, is now more and more attention
devotes to the development of elements of a smart home.

Currently, its portfolio already has several similar products that can be controlled remotely via cloud services using a special application installed on

IP cameras with control over the Internet are especially in demand among users. TP-Link today has two such models – C100 and C200. These
The cameras have a 360 ° horizontal and 114 ° vertical viewing angle and allow you to stream and record HD 1080p video to the built-in microSD card. If necessary video
can be posted on social networks.

The devices are equipped with a night vision mode with a range of up to 9 meters, a function of motion detection and instant sending to the user’s smartphone of push notifications to the TAPO application
Camera. In addition, the cameras are equipped with a built-in microphone, speaker and light signaling, so that the user can hear what is happening in the room, remotely transmit voice
messages and enable sound alerts.

For voice control of cameras, you can use the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and in the future they may support Yandex Alice and Marusya from

In the 2-3rd quarter of 2021, the models C60 and C310 will be added to the existing cameras, and at the end of the year – C110 and C210. The latter differ from previous designs by supporting a larger 256 GB SD card

You can also control your voice using Yandex Alice or Google Assistant with smart lamps TAPO L510E and L530E. No special control center is required to use them – lamps can be connected to
Wi-Fi networks without additional devices.

Model L530E allows you to adjust not only brightness, but also color temperature, giving the user a choice of one of 16 million shades. Moreover, the lamp retains the matched
lighting settings for different scenarios of use.

For smart home automation, TP-Link also offers smart plugs. True, so far she has one model P100, but next year
models P520 and P532 should come out, as well as sets of 4 P200H4 sockets.

The socket allows you to remotely turn on and off various devices via the TAPO app, either manually or automatically according to a pre-set schedule.

In addition, the P100 supports voice functions, which allows you to control it using voice commands from Yandex Alice or Google Assistant.

Next year, smart switches S201 and S202, a thermostat, as well as smart buttons and sensors will be added to the sockets.


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