Trailer for the launch of the add-on "Docks" to the economic simulator Anno 1800

Trailer for the launch of the add-on “Docks” to the economic simulator Anno 1800

Ubisoft continues to develop its Anno 1800 city planning and economic simulator, which was released on PC in April 2019. In its first year, the game received three expansions as part of its first Season Pass. A year later, the second Season Pass was introduced, which brought three more expansions, and now players have received the seventh addition, already as part of the third Season Pass.

“Docks” will allow turning the city into a center of world trade with import and export of goods by building a modular warehouse system and establishing a monopoly on favorite goods through trade contracts. The marinas can be decorated with new decorative elements in a nautical style.

All this is colorfully shown in the trailer: the camera flies around the docks and marinas, which are approached by various merchant ships. People with loads are swarming on the shore, and the secular public strolls along the embankments. The lighthouse and metal drawbridges are shown.

The Docks add-on is already on sale for 289 ₽. The entire third season pass can be purchased for RUB 829. It will include two more additions: The Tourist Season, which will introduce tourists to the hotels, restaurants and sightseeing bus tours; and New Heights, which will change the face of the empire by building the first skyscrapers and the largest cultural monument in the game. As a bonus, 3 exclusive decorative items will also become available.

Recall that in the first two seasons, the game received six key additions: “Sunken Treasure”, “Botany”, “In Ice”, “Greatness of Power”, “New Harvest” and “Land of the Lions”.

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