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Trump not ready to approve TikTok deal to keep ties with ByteDance

US President Donald Trump told reporters that the TikTok deal would be received by him for consideration in the next 24 hours, but he was not ready to “sign whatever”, and the scenario discussed in the press with the participation of ByteDance as the majority shareholder of the new company was not for him like. The links with the Chinese developer must be severed.

Image source: CNBC

Image source: CNBC

As Reuters explains, a group of American senators began an active correspondence with Trump, in which they tried to convey to the President of the United States the idea that ByteDance’s influence on the operational activities of TikTok in the United States and on the source code and algorithms used by the service is inadmissible. It is known from unofficial sources that ByteDance planned to create an independent company to manage TikTok with headquarters in the United States, where it would retain the majority of the shares, and Oracle would act as a minority shareholder and a technical service provider. Other American companies could join the deal as investors.

This option for solving the problem does not suit not only the members of the US Congress, but also the president of the country himself, as can be judged by their reaction. Donald Trump promised to share with the press his impressions of his acquaintance with the draft deal, which will be submitted to him for consideration by the end of this working week. At the same time, he admitted that legal consultants did not find ways to force ByteDance to transfer a significant part of the proceeds from the sale of a business in the United States to the state budget. The country’s authorities simply do not have legal mechanisms to implement such an idea. “US National Security Interests Must Be Considered 100%” Trump added, explaining his position on the TikTok deal.

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