TSMC auctioned off surplus capacity despite huge orders

TSMC auctioned off surplus capacity despite huge orders

Currently, manufacturers of semiconductor products are actively working on fulfilling the accumulated orders in order to somehow solve the global problem of the shortage of microcircuits. Despite this, the Taiwanese TSMC, according to a network source, auctioned off its “excess capacity” for the production of silicon wafers.

According to the available data, the buyer was determined in the framework of the auction. However, the source does not specify what TSMC production facilities are in question, as well as who won the auction, but it is assumed that the winner was a representative of the automotive industry. It is worth noting that automakers suffer more than others from a shortage of semiconductor products. Many of them have already had to cut back on vehicle production or have voiced such a possibility, citing a shortage of car chips.

The coronavirus pandemic, complex manufacturing processes, logistical problems, the U.S.-China trade war have all led to an unprecedented shortage of semiconductor products around the world, despite silicon wafer makers increasing production by 40% last December.

The bad news is that most likely it will not be possible to cope with the shortage of microcircuits in the near future. According to many analysts, the current situation will continue until next year, when supply should catch up with demand and the situation will stabilize.

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