Источник изображения: TSMC, Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review

TSMC has already begun hiring staff for its first US venture

The American authorities managed to convince the management of the Taiwanese company TSMC to build a modern 5-nm contract manufacturing facility in Arizona, which will begin to produce products in 2024. TSMC has already selected specialists for commissioning and is going to conduct an internship for recruits in Taiwan.

Image Source: TSMC, Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review

Image Source: TSMC, Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review

The Nikkei Asian Review was able to find out details about the current state of affairs with the construction of the TSMC plant in Arizona from the chairman of the board of directors Mark Liu. As you know, at least $ 12 billion will be spent on the construction of the enterprise, the construction of the buildings will begin next year, but TSMC has already formed a team of 300 specialists with experience in working with 5nm technology. They will oversee the construction of the plant in Arizona and oversee its technological armament. About 300 more young specialists with little experience in such industries will be sent to the south of Taiwan, where they will undergo a one-year “young fighter course” at the enterprise where 5nm products are already being produced. The training will be conducted in English to facilitate further adaptation of TSMC employees to work in the United States. The authorities of the latter of the countries are ready to provide the required number of work visas for future employees of the enterprise in Arizona, although TSMC, when recruiting staff in this situation, prefers candidates with an open visa.

In Asia, 75% of semiconductor production is now concentrated, while Taiwan alone accounts for 22%. The US authorities are interested in the development of modern contract manufacturing of semiconductor components in the country. This not only reduces the logistical risks that were fully manifested during the pandemic, but also allows for clearer control of intellectual property. Finally, American customers will be able to bring newly developed products to market faster by having a US facility.

In November of this year, TSMC has already established a subsidiary in Arizona with a paid-in capital of $ 3.5 billion, and local authorities have pledged to take on the costs of $ 205 million to develop the necessary technical infrastructure. Taiwanese regulators approved TSMC’s investments in the US this week. After the start of work, the enterprise in Arizona will create about 1,600 jobs directly in production, and thousands of people will work in related fields. Suppliers of components and materials with which TSMC is currently cooperating will also establish their facilities in Arizona.

TSMC is not alone in its quest to deploy state-of-the-art manufacturing in the US. The South Korean company Samsung intends to modernize its manufacturing facilities in Texas, which now only allow production of 14nm products. Apple, Google, Qualcomm and Tesla will become Samsung customers in the US after the new production is established. The latter, as you know, independently develops neural processors for its automatic vehicle control systems.

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