TSMC will produce ARM-based processors for Apple Mac

TSMC will produce ARM-based processors for Apple Mac

Apple recently announced that it is migrating its Macs from Intel x86 processors to its own ARM-based chips, which will begin this year and be completed in 2022 (that is, the entire family of computers, including the Mac Pro, will processors). The question remains: Who will make Apple’s Mac ARM processors?

Rumors about Apple’s turnaround have been heard for many years, but the task of changing architectures cannot be considered an easy one: you need not only to create powerful enough analogs, but also to prepare the ecosystem for this. At WWDC, the company said that a number of large software developers are already ready to release versions of their applications to run on ARM chips, and the rest of the programs will have to be executed through the rather efficient Rosetta 2 emulator (the former, Rosetta 1, was created when switching from IBM PowerPC processors to Intel x86 ). Of course, a new operating system will also be required – macOS 11.0 Big Sur, which will end the OS X era.

The production, according to the Taiwanese resource Digitimes, will be carried out by TSMC – this was quite expected, given the fact that the company is still the main chip factory for Apple. And TSMC is today a leader in advanced silicon manufacturing standards. But for now, another question remains: will the company use the worked out 7nm standards, or will it immediately turn to the latest 5nm process technology?

The source reports that TSMC expects strong growth in orders from Apple for the production of chips for Mac in the second half of 2021 – the Cupertino company may well become TSMC’s largest customer.

Along the way, Digitimes reported that Apple will use an ASMedia USB controller on an ARM-based Mac.

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