IT Weekly Review: Twitter Slowdown, Elite Maza Hacking, OVHcloud Data Center Fire

Twitter slowdown, elite Maza hacking and fire in the OVHcloud data center


Anna Savelyeva | 03/14/2021

IT Weekly Review: Twitter Slowdown, Elite Maza Hacking, OVHcloud Data Center Fire

Last week, the money transfer service YuMoney gradually began to restore work with foreign companies, while MTS announced the launch of 5G roaming outside of Russia.

Over the past seven days, OCS Distribution has signed three distribution agreements:

  • with iSpring – a Russian developer of professional tools for creating e-courses and organizing corporate
    online learning;

  • with Ivideon, offering businesses a comprehensive platform solution for cloud video surveillance, as well as a video analytics server and
    cloud storage of video archives.

  • with Kemp Technologies offering a load balancer and application delivery controller (ADC), a proactive monitoring service and
    application delivery visualization; and an application for centralized management and orchestration.

RRC has partnered with ClearOne, an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of professional
sound equipment, and Treolan will promote ZKTeco’s biometric verification solutions.

And finally, MERLION has added to the portfolio the entire range of Panasonic Life Solutions product offer: wiring accessories,
extension cords, cable ducts, distribution boards, circuit breakers, lighting control systems, LED lighting.

Meanwhile, Business VKontakte and Group presented a unified e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can work with
the total audience of these sites is 170 million per month, excluding intersections. The multimarket allows you to work with all orders in a single window: view their full list, change the status, while
for customers, everything will remain the same: they can buy goods or ask questions exactly where they found the store.

Recall that on January 12, 2021, YuMoney received an order from the Central Bank imposing restrictions on the operations of service customers with companies registered outside of Russia, i.e. to buy in
foreign stores. Last week, work with 45 companies was restored.

But Twitter has just begun its “path of correction” – on March 10, Roskomnadzor began to slow down the service and threatened to block it completely
on Russian territory. On the same day, interruptions began with access to the websites of the Kremlin, the Government, the State Duma, the Security Council, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the TFR, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance.

A fire in France’s OVHcloud, a cloud service provider that damaged millions, was just as problematic.
websites, destroying the portals of government agencies, banks, shops, news websites and destroying part of the webspace.

The smartphone market is also not going well – IDC reported that the EMEA market has performed the worst in the last six
years. The reason is the coronavirus pandemic. The decrease in market volumes amounted to 4.2% in quantitative terms compared to last year, reaching 345.2 million units. In monetary terms
the decline was even more significant and amounted to 4.6% to $ 110 billion.

Earlier, there were some incidents in the criminal segment – someone managed to carry out a successful attack on the Internet community of “elite”
the most sophisticated cybercriminals and “masters” of the field of financial fraud. Cybersecurity firm Flashpoint Intelligence released this week
information about the hacking of the Maza forum and talked about the data breach of more than 3,000 community members.

Returning to the good news, MTS announced the launch of international data roaming services in the 5G standard in Estonia, Finland,
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UAE.

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