Two different foldable iPhone prototypes have already passed quality tests

Two different foldable iPhone prototypes have already passed quality tests

Rumors about Apple’s preparation of a foldable iPhone with a flexible display have been circulating for several months on the Web, especially since the company has a number of registered patents in this area. But this time, sources claim that Apple engineers have already prepared several prototypes.

In the wake of rumors that Taiwanese contract maker Foxconn is testing a foldable iPhone, new insider reports say it was actually testing two different versions of the foldable smartphone design for Apple. Tests took place at Foxconn’s Shenzhen, China, and both versions have successfully passed quality control, sources say.

According to the resource Money UDN, not ready-made smartphones were tested, but prototype cases, presumably with screens. The purpose of the tests was to determine the strength of the folding mechanism.

One of the prototypes is reported to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Lenovo Moto RAZR with an inward-folding screen in a clamshell phone form factor. The second model has two screens and is more like a folding book in design, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

According to Money UDN, Apple will continue testing both models, after which it will choose one of them for mass production. The timing of the start of production of the foldable iPhone is still unknown. Earlier it was reported that its release will begin in 2022.

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