two minutes of "mind-blowing" gameplay in the new trailer for Surgeon Simulator 2

two minutes of “mind-blowing” gameplay in the new trailer for Surgeon Simulator 2

The developers of the frivolous surgical simulator Surgeon Simulator 2 from the independent Bossa Studios have published a new gameplay trailer for the game ahead of the very soon release.

A two-minute video focuses on the difficulties of a surgeon in Surgeon Simulator 2: the video demonstrates how four employees of a local medical institution operate on one of the patients.

In the sequel, players will have to monitor not only the blood volume in their “victim”, but also the presence of the required number of body parts: during the procedure, the patient may be left without arms and even a head.

Judging by the trailer, if the patient is deprived of any limb (intentionally or not), it will be possible to run to a warehouse located not far from the operating room for a backup copy.

Previously, the authors demonstrated Bossa Labs Creation – the Surgeon Simulator 2 level editor, where “You don’t even need to stick to the surgical theme”… In the mode they promise “Endless possibilities” for creativity.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will go on sale on August 27 this year exclusively for PC (Epic Games Store). For some time now, the PC version will only be available on the Epic Games digital store.

Whether Surgeon Simulator 2 will appear on other platforms is not specified. In the comments below the video on YouTube, the studio confirmed that it has no plans to release the project on Android or in VR format.

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