U.S. Postal Service will update its fleet with new trucks, including electric

U.S. Postal Service will update its fleet with new trucks, including electric

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has unveiled a new truck that will replace the older models currently in use in the future. The presented truck was developed by Oshkosh Defense and can be equipped with both a gasoline and an electric engine. Despite the announcement, the first trucks of the new type will appear on US roads only in 2023.

USPS has been working for several years to renew its fleet. Back in 2015, a competition was launched, in which interested developers could apply for participation by submitting their project of a truck for the postal service. The operation of the new trucks was planned to begin in 2018, but due to a number of difficulties, the program was extended several times.

The presented model, created by Oshkosh Defense engineers, is more spacious and ergonomic, the design provides for an air conditioner (the machines currently used do not have this option). On the body of the car there are several cameras that provide a 360-degree view and are the basis of a front and rear collision avoidance system with visual and audio warnings, as well as automatic braking. The massive windshield and low bonnet improve the driver’s view of the road, contributing to safer travel on public roads.

The source notes that the developers plan to finalize the design of the car, which is why the first deliveries will begin only in 2023. Oshkosh Defense has received an advance investment of $ 482 million and is expected to produce from 50,000 to 165,000 trucks for the postal service within ten years. It’s worth noting that Oshkosh Defense was partnered with Ford at the time of the bidding process, but it’s unclear if the truck is currently collaborating.

The USPS did not specify in what ratio gasoline and electric trucks will be used. All that is known is that gasoline engines will be “economical and low in emissions.”

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