Uber will engage in river transportation on the Thames in London

Uber will engage in river transportation on the Thames in London

Soon, residents of London will be able to use the Uber application to book trips on the ship on the Thames. According to The Guardian, the Uber taxi company has entered into a cooperation agreement with the river operator Thames Clippers, under which the Uber Boats by Thames Clippers service will transport river boats.

Under the contract, Uber will buy the rights to use the Thames Clipper fleet of 20 vessels under its brand, as well as 23 berths between Putney and Woolwich. As expected, the contract will be concluded for at least three years.

Uber users will be able to book a trip across the Thames through the app and land on board using the QR code on their phone generated by the app. Motor ships will operate on given routes, as they currently do.

Thames Clippers tickets can still be bought everywhere, and ships will remain part of the Oyster network. The cost of the trip will also remain the same, and Londoners will still be able to use existing payment methods to purchase a ticket, including contactless cards and Oyster cards, according to The Evening Standard.

According to Uber, in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, the river fleet will ensure compliance with the rules of social distance better than crowded underground transport.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, London also began investing in bicycle infrastructure, and the British government accelerated testing of scooter rental services.

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