Ukrainian founders of Sixa startup disappear with investor money

Ukrainian founders of Sixa startup disappear with investor money

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Sergey Dragun | 05/29/2020

After several rounds of financing, reports began to come to investors with great delays, and CEO Mikola Minchenko did not get in touch for a long time.

In 2015-2019, the startup raised a total of $ 4 million. In 2015, it went through the accelerator at Startupbootcamp in Istanbul, from which it received $ 140,000, and in 2016, the incubator program Y
  Combinator, which invested another $ 120 thousand. Also, Gagarin Capital invested Nikolai Davydov and Mikhail Taver in the startup.

The startup offered users access to personal virtual computers – programs could be used in the cloud without updating physical equipment. By 2016, the platform was
  Available in beta for 15,000 developers for $ 49-59 per month.

In 2017-2018, Sixa began accepting orders for Rivvr wireless VR helmets at a price of $ 200- $ 250. Deliveries were planned in March 2018. In the spring of 2018, a startup told about plans to launch
  own blockchain.

Investors doubt the availability of Sixa products and the general existence of the company

In March 2020, the California District Court registered a complaint by British holding company Innes Wordwide Holdings against Minchenko. Holding invested $ 1 million in his company, but soon ceased to receive
  information from a startup. The company found that Minchenko provided false information about partnerships with major game developers in Korea and China, as well as about 50,000 customers.

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