A.R.M. Project Titanium. Источник изображения: Ростех

Unique Russian bionic prosthesis A.R.M. Project Titanium will be released next year

Next year, the Tekhnodinamika holding of the Rostec State Corporation will begin production of bionic arm prostheses under the A.R.M. brand, made entirely of domestic components. An artificial hand made of metal and polyurethane realizes the basic movements of the hand, is not afraid of dust and moisture and works up to three days without recharging. Due to its simplicity and reliability, the A.R.M. Project Titanium will become the “Kalashnikov assault rifle” among bionic prostheses.

A.R.M. Project Titanium. Image source: Rostec

A.R.M. Project Titanium. Image source: Rostec

Artificial brush A.R.M. Project Titanium is controlled by muscle activity sensors that attach to a person’s hand and transmit a signal to a control board, which, in turn, drives the motors in the joints. The high strength of the metal wrists and fingers will allow you to lift objects weighing up to 10 kg. To hold small items, finger pads made of special non-slip material are provided. All parts of the prosthesis are covered with wear-resistant polyurethane, so it does not need a replacement cosmetic glove.

“The prosthesis will be produced by NPP Krasnoznamenets of the Technodinamika holding. It was created jointly with Light Electronics specialists from the Multicenter for Social and Labor Integration of the Leningrad Region, headed by Irina Drozdenko. The model was named A.R.M. Project Titanium, which stands for Affordable Reliable Modern – affordable, reliable, modern “, – the press release of Rostec informs us.

The opening width of the artificial hand reaches 10 cm, which is enough to securely hold large objects. The wrist rotates around its axis by up to 180 °. The capacity of the battery built into the prosthesis is 2040 mAh. This should be enough for three days of autonomous operation of the prosthesis. The light indication will inform about the need to put on charge. For the convenience of users, an LED lamp is mounted in the prosthesis. The prosthesis is easy to maintain – each of the fingers can be replaced if necessary.

“The bionic prosthesis was created as an affordable and technologically advanced alternative to foreign counterparts. Today tens of thousands of people are queuing up for hand prosthetics in Russia. Considering that one imported prosthesis costs an average of 1.5 million rubles, this is a huge burden on the healthcare system. Together with partners, Rostec is bringing to the market a unique development, the cost of which is much lower than imported samples. In addition, the prosthesis is made entirely of domestic components, which significantly reduces the terms of service “, – said the executive director of the State Corporation Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko.

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