Unlock Telegram, beta test of satellite Internet Ilona Mask and the start of sales of Boston Dynamics robots / Analytics

Unlock Telegram, beta test of satellite Internet Ilona Mask and the start of sales of Boston Dynamics robots / Analytics

⇡ # What’s new in Russia and in the world?

Perhaps the most important and at the same time the most insignificant event of the past week was the unlocking of Telegram. The corresponding bill was submitted to the State Duma on June 15, and already on the 18th, Roskomnadzor officially lifted the lock in agreement with the General Prosecutor’s Office. Let me remind you that Telegram was blocked in Russia for two years, starting in April 2018, and the official reason for this decision was the refusal of Pavel Durov to provide the FSB with access to encryption keys; then it was especially emphasized that terrorist groups often use the messenger for their own purposes. However, in fact, Roskomnadzor was never able to technically block the messenger – they continued to use it as if nothing had happened. It is ironic that both State Duma deputies and FSB officers themselves actively used the messenger for personal and work purposes.

Well, now a reasonable question arises: how will we deal with the spread of terrorist, extremist and other prohibited information? Obviously, according to the complaints of users themselves and Internet companies. Roskomnadzor itself reports that it is ready to cooperate with all Internet companies operating in the country to quickly prevent the dissemination of prohibited information. Despite the uniquely positive connotation of the news, nothing can change in our life after it, except that no one else will feel like a rebel, looking at the white-blue icon on the smartphone screen.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk and SpaceX began accepting applications for participation in the beta testing of Starlink satellite Internet. On June 13, the company launched another 58 satellites into orbit, now there are exactly 540 of them, and this amount is already enough to conduct a beta test. Musk previously said that to provide “insignificant” coverage, 400 active Starlink satellites are required, for “moderate” – at least 800, and 12,000 satellites to complete the system. However, this is not the final amount, since SpaceX intends to obtain permission to launch 30,000 Starlink satellites and has already filed a corresponding application with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How to become a beta test participant? You just need to fill out a short form on the official website of the company, offering to receive up-to-date information on the operation of Starlink and the availability of services in various regions. As soon as you do this, an email will be sent with the details. However, there are not many details yet, it says only that you will be informed about the opportunity to take part in testing as soon as it becomes available in your region. All selected users will be given terminals with a flat disk antenna, which will automatically be directed to satellites. The maximum data transfer speed at the start of Starlink will be 1 Gb / s with delays of 25 to 35 milliseconds, and this pleasure will cost about $ 80 per month. Well, we are intrigued.

But in Ilona’s earthly affairs, unfortunately, not everything is going smoothly. Last week, numerous complaints about the marriage of the Tesla Model Y began to appear on the network. Recently, as you know, Tesla resumed production of this car at the Fremont plant, but the owners of the cars of their new lots are not happy with the build quality, many of them even refuse to buy . Among the most popular complaints are poor-quality painting and decoration, sagging seat belts, and the lack of attachment of the rear seat to the base. The latter would almost certainly lead to injuries to passengers during sudden braking.

Poorly fixed rear seat in the Tesla Model Y

Poorly fixed rear seat in the Tesla Model Y

The good news in this situation is that Elon Musk himself is aware of the situation. He even said in a letter to his staff that eliminating the marriage in Model Y was becoming the company’s top priority. And any buyer can return the car to the company within 7 days and fully refund their money.

Another historical news last week – Boston Dynamics began selling Spot robots to everyone. This is the same four-legged robot that has repeatedly been subjected to comical humiliation – it was kicked, forced to slide on a banana peel, and so on. However, these robots also had happy moments, for example, in May, their producer showed a happy movie in which they graze sheep and lay on grass. But, of course, all this was needed for testing, as well as to draw attention to the product, which is now priced at $ 74,500.

During the tests, the robot built three-dimensional maps of construction sites and detected malfunctions of machines on offshore oil rigs. In addition, Spot was used in hospitals to sort patients with COVID-19, as well as to search for explosive devices. But the main thing is that the functionality of the robot can be supplemented by installing additional sensors on its “back”. Now mainly industrial companies buy it, because it is ideal for routine operations like shooting a factory 40 times a day. Production volumes are still lagging behind the original plan, “thanks to” the coronavirus pandemic, but Boston Dynamics intends to overcome the mark of 1,000 Spot units in the first quarter of 2021.

Against the background of this news, the story of the crime and punishment in Red Dead Redemption 2 is especially comical. The user Reddit, under the pseudonym nahnprophet, shared a funny incident in which he was both an attacker and a victim. It all started with the theft of a winter hat from the NPC, after which the player went about his business and managed to complete several story missions before the next round of history. And then, after one in-game week, the vindictive NPC tracked down a robber in a hotel, burst into a room and attacked him.

So I stole this hat about a week ago. Literally did like 7 missions since then, including 2 missions in Valentine. So I rent a room and went in to change my outfit, when out of nowhere … from r / RDR2

If you pay attention to the minimap at the bottom of the screen, you can see how the red dot breaks into the hotel building and rushes towards the player in full steam. In light of recent events, this makes me recall the jokes about the upcoming uprising of cars, but I will allow myself to refrain, once again admiring the phenomenal attention to detail in Rockstar Games.

The world continues to discuss the appearance of the PlayStation 5, which we talked about in the last issue of the digest. Last week, the official PlayStation 5 image appeared on the network, which leaked from the base of the European branch of Amazon.

Some design questions have disappeared, but new ones have appeared. Apparently, the PlayStation 5 will be the first ever game console that will require the use of the stand not only for vertical but also for horizontal positioning. Of course, nothing has been officially announced yet, but probably the stand itself will be included. Let me remind you that the release of the PS5 is expected at the end of the year, and its cost is estimated at 500 euros.

And brief but definitely good news for fans of AMD – Zen 3 processors will be released this year and will use an improved 7-nanometer process technology. Earlier, the Taiwanese resource DigiTimes reported that desktop processors with this architecture will be released no earlier than January 2021 due to the acceleration of the development of 5-nm technology, but now this information has been refuted. Zen 3 will be launched by TSMC with an improved version of the 7-nm technology, which will increase the density of transistors by 20% and reduce power consumption by 10% compared to Zen 2.

⇡ # What’s new in 3DNews reviews?

Judging by our articles and reviews, no summer lull is expected. But first of all, you need to please gamers of the old school – a remaster version of Command & Conquer was specially released for them, and we quickly got its review. Mikhail Ponomarev rated the game by 9 points out of 10, and in the comments there is a rare unanimity – it seems that the old games were able to captivate in a very special way.

Ilya Gavrichenkov tested the Intel Core i7-10700K processor, which at a recommended price of $ 374 should compete with the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and 3800X – at least in theory. Well, about what happened in practice, read the review. And as a bonus track – an overview of the Seasonic TX-750 power supply and the ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q gaming monitor.

Huawei’s mobile computers are getting better from year to year, and recently we met with the 13-inch new MateBook series on the AMD processor. Valery Kosikhin notes that a very formidable opponent has grown out of the MacBook Air copycat, and the favorite in this confrontation is by no means obvious.

Well, for those who are looking for new ways to move and express themselves after quarantine and self-isolation, we have a review of the Hiper Engine BF205 electric bike from Alexander Baburin and a review of the Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera from Olga Vorontsova.

That’s all. Take care of yourself and see you in a week!

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