update of Apple operating systems, Segway's departure into oblivion and neural network-designer of Lebedev Studio / Analytics

update of Apple operating systems, Segway’s departure into oblivion and neural network-designer of Lebedev Studio / Analytics

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Last week began very vigorously: already on Monday, Apple held a presentation, which opened the WWDC 2020 conference. For obvious reasons, both the presentation and the conference itself were completely in online format. And we were really looking forward to the announcements of new gadgets, because before the start of the event, the Internet was full of rumors about a Mac with ARM processors of its own production – however, Apple only talked about operating system updates from watchOS and iOS to iPadOS and macOS. Yes, the transition to processors with ARM architecture has also been announced, but so far without the announcement of a new iMac or MacBook.

The transition from Intel to Apple’s own processors will go smoothly – the process will take about two years. Moreover, the company is still preparing several new devices based on Intel – they will be presented later this year. And around the same time, Apple will release the first computer on its own processor.

As predicted a few years ago, Apple is gradually blurring the line between iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The latest operating system for “poppies” will allow you to run mobile applications through the built-in emulator and make full use of them. Actually, the most important feature of the new Apple ARM processors will be full support for iOS and iPadOS applications, which means it will be easier for developers to write and optimize applications for the entire Apple ecosystem. Well, and, of course, we should expect greater energy efficiency and a noticeable jump in the battery life of laptops. I think that the result of 24 hours of work without recharging will sound quite realistic.

Apple is already actively adapting its own applications, plus some third-party developers are also busy. For example, Adobe, which has already adapted Lightroom and Photoshop packages to a new reality.

For developers, Apple launched the Universal App Quick Start Program, as well as the Developer Transition Kit, which includes a Mac mini with an Apple A12Z Bionic processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD drive. All this is running the beta version of macOS Big Sur (aka macOS 11). Participation in the Developer Program costs $ 500, and you can sign up on the company’s official website.

This is not good news for Intel – the company is losing a large and reliable customer, although globally it will not affect the business of the processor manufacturer. However, there are concerns that Apple’s divorce from Intel will result in losses for AMD. Currently, this company supplies Apple graphics processors in the amount of about million pieces. However, while we are talking only about laptops – in this segment Apple relies on its own integrated graphics, and sales of workstations of this brand are not so large as to compensate AMD for the corresponding losses. The Mac Pro family will rely on AMD’s discrete graphics for a long time, so there will be no final breakdown of relations with Apple.

Returning to the topic of updating mobile operating systems, it is worth mentioning once again the long life cycle of Apple devices. Say, iOS 14 can be installed on all devices, up to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPadOS on all devices up to the second generation iPad Air, and macOS Big Sur on all MacBook Pro laptops until 2013. Just in case: you can find complete lists of supported devices here. All of the mentioned operating systems now exist in Developer Beta status, and their final release will take place this fall. Well, I remind you that we spoke in detail about all the innovations immediately after the official presentation. If you suddenly missed, here are the most important innovations of macOS Big Sur, all the details about iOS 14, iPadOS 14, as well as watchOS 7 and tvOS 14.

Soon after the announcement of Apple, which brought many changes in the design of the desktop macOS, Microsoft introduced the design of the redesigned Start menu in Windows 10. It is important to understand that this is one of the fundamentals of the interface, and any drastic change can be harmful – let’s recall Windows 8 with it Metro start screen.

If we talk about current innovations, then they are not as radical as in the case of the G8. Live tiles (Live Tiles) did not disappear anywhere, but learned to take the background corresponding to the choice of a light or dark theme. If these interface elements are disabled, then in their place will now be displayed new icons of “smooth design” (“Fluent Design”) with a translucent background. It looks nice, and most importantly – unobtrusively. The general direction of development of the interface has a lot in common with which direction Apple is moving. But if the new macOS will be available in the fall, then Microsoft has not yet specified the release date of the update.

In the middle of the week, SpaceX conducted another test of the Starship SN7 spacecraft prototype. As part of the test, the strength of the fuel tank containing the liquid nitrogen was checked. The spacecraft’s tank exploded spectacularly, but it was precisely this test outcome that was planned.

During the test, the fuel tank was covered with hoarfrost, and then its bottom could not withstand the pressure and burst. After that, the prototype climbed up two meters and fell on its side. The study of the scene was entrusted to a robot dog from Boston Dynamics. In the last issue, if you remember, we talked about the fact that these robots go on sale for the price of a new car. Well, the fuel tank in question will later be used in the Starship spaceship, which will be able to deliver people to the moon, Mars and other planets.

In the case of space flights, reliability is the most important indicator at every stage, but in earthly matters reliable things are not always good. From July 15, Segway will stop producing its electric motorcycles, all because the demand for them has fallen due to too high reliability. This news can also make any person feel old: the first Segway models left the assembly line in 2001, that is, the company has been producing them for almost 20 years. During this time, about 140 thousand devices were sold, although the company initially planned to sell 100 thousand in the first year only.

Company President Judy Kai said that she talked with several owners of old Segway, which dashed off 100 thousand miles on them without any problems. However, the company itself remains afloat, it will continue to produce Ninebot-Segway electric scooters, which are actively used in several rental and sharing services.

It was really fun last week to watch the frustrated fans of The Last of Us Part II tear and toss. Despite all the obvious advantages of the game (our review, if you suddenly missed it), many were disappointed with the plot twists. And a petition appeared on Change.org asking to change the plot of the game, the author of which cites a lot of spoilers (I warned you) and talks about the outrageous chain of narrative and gameplay events.

By the time the material was prepared, the petition was signed by more than 30 thousand people. Neil Drakmann of Naughty Dog had to make excuses for various reasons, to the point that one of the characters in the game visually looks like himself. But be that as it may, the game sells great, and the anger of individual fans and their funny demands are likely to only increase the popularity of The Last of Us Part II.

However, the most resonant news of the past week came from Moscow. For more than a year, Artemy Lebedev Studio has passed off artificial intelligence as a living designer named Nikolai Ironov. To keep everything a secret, a portfolio page was created on the studio’s website. Thus, the company wanted objective feedback without bias regarding AI. The results exceeded all expectations, and now the portfolio already has 17 projects, including logos of blogger Yuri Khovansky, the show “It’s Time to Blame” Ruslan Usachev, as well as the Vanlav cafe, dumplings and other companies.

The Studio’s official statement says that designers, even the most daring and progressive, always focus on the successful work of their colleagues, on the jury of international awards and on their own experience. Artificial design intelligence does not focus on anyone. He opens up such tricks that no man would ever come up with. All the work of the neural network is done according to the express design program, in which anyone can order a logo for 100 thousand rubles, although you will not have a choice from several options, as well as the opportunity to discuss the result and make changes.

Well, the saddest news of the past week was definitely the news of the discontinuation of Olympus cameras. And although the company said that it was able to improve the cost structure, reorient to highly profitable cameras and lenses, it was not able to get profit. It is possible that the 2013 corruption scandal, which led to a loss of $ 1.7 billion, affected Olympus, and it has been producing cameras and optics since 1934.

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Of course, we could not ignore the disappearance of one of the main players in the digital photography market, and in order to recall all the good that Olympus gave the world, Alexander Babulin prepared nostalgic material about the ten most important cameras in the company’s history. Be sure to read if you still haven’t.

Well, it should be noted that the reporting week turned out to be incredibly eventful for gamers – read the review of the colorful Valorant shooter from Riot Games studio, as well as the revival of the almost forgotten Desperados III series.

Meanwhile, Sergei Plotnikov was thinking about whether there was at least some sense in buying a laptop at a price below 30 thousand rubles. And, with a surprise for himself, he concluded that there was a sense. Moreover, on some of the cheap laptops you can even play games. In general, be sure to check out this material. And for those who want to buy an inexpensive Apple laptop, I recommend again to pay attention to the previously published guide on the selection of used MacBooks.

Another inexpensive laptop, albeit not for 30 thousand rubles, last week was tested by Valery Kosikhin – read the MSI Modern 15 review. Well, besides this, we also got a review of the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme motherboard, a review of the JBL LIVE 300TWS wireless headphones, which can compete on equal terms with Apple AirPods Pro and a review of the Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone. Well, as for the official removal of the lock from Telegram, we have prepared a short story about 15 useful bots for all occasions.

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