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US authorities are ready to allocate $ 25 billion for the development of semiconductor production in the United States

TSMC recently admitted that it expects to receive subsidies from the US authorities for the construction and maintenance of a future enterprise in Arizona. Congressmen are now proposing to create a fund of at least $ 25 billion to stimulate the production of semiconductor products in the United States.

Image Source: Intel

Image Source: Intel

US lawmakers propose channeling funds from a special fund to support companies that will develop contract manufacturing of semiconductor products in the United States. In addition to tax incentives, they will be provided with subsidies for the construction and purchase of technological equipment. Up to $ 10 billion can be allocated for these needs, at least another $ 12 billion will be allocated to finance development and research. It is quite natural that these funds will be distributed in agreement with the US defense department, since the development of this industry is part of its circle of interests.

The semiconductor industry is the fifth largest exporter to the United States. Last year, she jointly spent $ 40 billion on development and research, one fifth of all revenue. Unlike China and some other countries, US authorities have so far limited state support for developments in this area, and a new initiative is designed to change the situation. The United States now accounts for no more than 12% of the semiconductor production capacity. The country’s authorities are determined to increase this share through targeted subsidies.

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