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US authorities to question Intel and NVIDIA over the use of their products to track people in China

Last month, an authoritative American publication reported on the use of Intel and NVIDIA components in video surveillance systems in one of the areas of China, inhabited by Uighurs, who, according to the United States, are being harassed by local authorities. Now Intel and NVIDIA will have to respond to requests from US congressmen.

Image Source: The New York Times

Image Source: The New York Times

In Xinjiang, home to at least one million Uyghurs, according to US media reports, there is at least one productive data center used to track the movements of local residents. According to the US authorities, this practice violates the rights of national minorities, the Chinese authorities consider it to be quite acceptable for the protection of law and order in the rebellious region.

As noted by Reuters, two US congressmen made inquiries to Intel and NVIDIA to find out if the companies were aware that their products would be used by the Chinese authorities to create a citizen tracking system. Senators also want to know what steps both companies have taken to prevent such use of their components.

Only Intel employees managed to provide their answer to Reuters. They stated that the company does not accept the use of its products to infringe on human rights; if such cases are identified, it stops business with customers who are suspected of relevant activities until the violations are completely eliminated. Earlier, NVIDIA representatives said that they were not aware of the intentions of the Chinese authorities to use components of this brand in systems for tracking citizens. The contract that the company entered into with the Chinese side implied the creation of an infrastructure project for a system of smart cities.

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