US Space Force personnel are now Guardians

US Space Force personnel are now Guardians

According to a statement made by US Vice President Mike Pence at an event marking the anniversary of the US Space Force (the military space division of the US Army), the personnel of the latter will be officially referred to as “Guardians”.

According to a short post on the US Space Force website, the organization’s name goes back to the old US Air Force Space Command motto from 1983: Guardians of the High Frontier. Although the Space Force is an independent organization, it is part of the Air Force under the US National Defense Act.

In its current form, Space Force is essentially a rebranding of the US Air Force Space Command, but with the authority to make decisions independently of the Air Force. The Space Force is mainly composed of Air Force personnel, but there are differences: for example, astronaut Mike Hopkins (Mike Hopkins) arrived from NASA. His new employers are less concerned with space exploration and are more concerned with control over this space, the combat use of satellites and the protection of American vehicles already launched into space.

Choosing Guardians as an official name inevitably (and probably intentionally) evokes pop culture associations. There are popular Marvel comics “Guardians of the Galaxy”. And in the video game world, Guardians, for example, appear in Destiny 2 as warriors tasked with defending the Last City on Earth from alien enemies. You can also remember the domestic superhero trash action movie “The Defenders”, which in the American localization sounds like Guardians. Memes are already appearing on the Web about the name of the military related to the US Space Forces – even the official account of the Guardians of the Galaxy responded with the phrase: “Who are we?”.

This is not the first time that the US Space Force has made explicit pop culture references. When the organization revealed its official logo, many pointed to its resemblance to the Starfleet emblem from the TV series Star Trek. Later, the U.S. Space Force tried to clarify that it was inspired by the old U.S. Air Force Space Command logos, not a TV show.

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