Ventra has implemented a technology monitoring system at the Henkel warehouse

Ventra has implemented a technology monitoring system at the Henkel warehouse

Ventra has completed a pilot project to implement a warehouse equipment monitoring system at Henkel RUS to help reduce costs for emergency repairs, get reliable loading information
technicians and drivers to increase safety in the warehouse.

During the change, each unit of warehouse equipment can take turns working several people, which interferes with the control of the activity of drivers, complicates the analysis of downtime,
leads to difficulties in monitoring her caring attitude, preventing emergencies. The control system was equipped with 10 items of warehouse equipment. According to the results of 1 month of operation
a positive effect was recorded, which allows the full implementation of the system at the warehouse and production of the customer to begin.

Work on the preparation and analysis of customer’s warehouse capacities started in the IV quarter, and direct testing took place during December 2019.
technology, allow to evaluate the efficiency of the use of warehouse equipment, to monitor the performance of production tasks, to keep a personal record of careful handling of equipment. implementation
The system reduces the cost of repair by increasing the personal responsibility of drivers, and also monitors the state of the equipment fleet by measuring efficiency
working equipment in one configuration or another and thereby optimize costs.

The program allows to differentiate access of personnel to different categories of equipment, to record emergencies and facts of breach of safety, to collect data on downtime, tracking
downloads not only by units of equipment or personal data of operators, but also by different time periods. Preparations for full implementation of equipment, software and technical support are now underway.
The software provides the ability to quickly refine as needed and does not conflict with existing software hardware.


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