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Verbatim Vx500: if there is a small flash drive

Andrey Vinogradov

Verbatim Vx500: if there is a small flash drive

There are a number of tasks that ordinary flash drives cannot handle: for example, starting an operating system from a USB drive, deploying virtual machines, working with volumetric content, any
then database or video files. If you don’t have enough flash drives, it makes sense to pay attention to external solid state drives, the more compact they become,
for example, the Verbatim Vx500.



USB 3.1 Gen 2

Dimensions, mm


Weight, gram


The device comes with two types of cables – USB-C and USB-A, so you can even connect it to older computers with USB 2.0 ports. In a case made of aluminum, one
at the end is a USB-C connector and a small hole for the blue LED activity indicator. The size of the Verbatim Vx500 most closely resembles a lighter, and the amount of internal memory is
120, 240, or 480 GB (I had an average version).


Initially, the Verbatim Vx500 was formatted in exFAT, and Nero BackItUp is present. The utility allows you to configure backup both manually and automatically by

It defines a drive as a regular disk, after which it can be operated, of course, regardless of the operating system installed on the computer.


Verbatim Vx500 has proven to be the best on the test, though the dry figures, even if extremely interesting, do not give you an idea of ​​the comfort you can achieve
hardener in real-world problems. Yes, we used the Vx500 as a bootable disk with portable builds of Linux and Windows 7 – and the difference in performance compared to a flash drive (even a fast one)
noticeable right away: the effect can be compared to replacing a hard drive with an SSD in a laptop when even an old PC model comes to life.

AIDA 64, MB / s:

linear reading


linear recording


However, the Vx500 is also good for classic large-volume file transfer tasks, so it will also be interesting as a media storage tool for connecting to a TV or
cinema projector.

The Verbatim Vx500 is a versatile external storage that includes easy-to-use backup software that allows you to use it for multiple scenarios. So,
if for some reason you are uncomfortable working with a regular flash drive, this SSD removes restrictions on access speed and access time when multithreading data access. one
in short, what you need.

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