Video calls finally appeared in Telegram, but it turned out to be difficult to use them

Video calls finally appeared in Telegram, but it turned out to be difficult to use them

Many were waiting for the appearance of video calls on Telegram. Now they have appeared, although so far only for iOS and only in the form of an experimental function. To access it, you need to download the latest version 6.3 from the App Store, and then do a number of manipulations.

The user needs to click on the settings icon in the application 10 times, after which the developer menu will open. It allows you to activate experimental features in the Experimental Feature item. Then you need to go to your profile, pull the avatar down and make a video call. Do not forget that you can only call those who also use iOS and have done the same manipulations.

When the full launch of the function will take place is not clear, but update 6.3 brings a lot of other innovations. For example, from now on the messenger allows you to send and receive files up to 2 GB in size – a nice addition for those who were not satisfied with the current 1.5 GB limit.

The second innovation is the ability to use video avatars, that is, to set a video recording instead of a static photo, and any frame from it can be used as a picture for chats. Before installing the video avatar, you can change the video in the editor: adjust the brightness, contrast, other parameters, or add an animated sticker. By the way, the editor now has the ability to apply a skin smoothing filter to any photo or video taken by the phone’s front camera.

Improvements have been made in the “People nearby” section. Now, when someone contacts through this section, the user will see at what distance the interlocutor is from him. And Telegram will offer the initiators of the chat a welcome sticker, which is convenient to start a conversation with. For the user to be able to find other people nearby, he just needs to go to “Contacts”> “Find people nearby” and click “Show me here”.

Also, if there is an image or video in the message, its reduced copy will now be visible right in the notification and in the chat list for preview. The feature also works in message search results, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

For celebrities facing the flow of messages, Telegram has added a way to combat this evil. In the “Privacy” section, a new setting will automatically turn off notifications and archive new chats with users who are not in your contact list. All such chats are available in the Archive folder and can be returned to the main chat list at any time.

Owners of groups with 500 or more users can now see detailed statistics of member activity and community growth. Among other things, the statistics page displays a list of the most active and even the average number of characters in their messages. In the near future, the same group statistics function should appear in communities of 100 members.

Also, the developers have added more than two dozen new animated emoticons – to use them, you need to send one of the emoticons as a separate message. Interestingly, when sending a soccer ball (another animation), you can score a goal, or you can miss the goal.

There are also innovations for individual platforms. Added on Android: preview of private channels without a signature; music player with improved design and functionality; the ability to crop and rotate videos in the video editor before sending; the ability to find out the date of subscription of people to the channel; smooth animation of expanding the input field when typing a long message. And on iOS, the following became available: a new menu in the chat for viewing the user’s avatar and his mention; progress bar for videos shorter than 30 seconds; improvement of the cache cleaning menu.

In the Telegram Desktop application, it became possible to simultaneously use up to three accounts with different numbers (in mobile applications it has been available since 2017).

You can learn more about the innovations on the official website. Eight major Telegram updates have already been released in the first half of 2020, and the developers promise a number of new useful features, including those that users have been asking for for a long time (perhaps this is just a hint of a full-fledged video call integration).

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