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Video cards will rise in price even more due to increased customs duties in the United States

Rarely does a day pass without a discussion of the factors driving the rise in the price of video cards. Developers do not have enough graphics processors, the memory microcircuit market is also periodically feverish, film substrates for the manufacture of video chips and many passive electronic components are in short supply. The increase in customs duties in the United States will also contribute to the rise in prices.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Strictly speaking, as part of the “trade war” with China, Donald Trump tried to raise import duties on a number of electronic components back in 2018, but due to active lobbying, their entry into force was delayed. The onset of 2021 is forcing the US fiscal authorities to apply new import tariff rates. As noted by the site Tom’s Hardware, GPUs supplied from China to the United States as part of ready-made video cards or separately from them will fall under the increased customs duties. The rate ranges from 7.5 to 25%, in some cases it can have a tangible effect on the cost of the final product.

It would seem that the problems of the Indians should not worry the sheriff, because changes in customs tariffs will primarily affect the US market, but this region is a large consumer of video cards, here are the headquarters of AMD, NVIDIA and Intel, which form the recommended retail prices for graphics cards. based on the realities of the home market. If prices rise in the United States, it will be felt along the chain by video card consumers around the world. Manufacturers of video cards can reallocate the increased costs for products intended for supply to other regions of the planet. The situation, of course, is aggravated by the growth in demand for video cards from miners, but the whole combination of factors ultimately works against the fact that graphics cards become more affordable and cheaper.

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