Копия экрана гонки от первого лица (Craig Ferguson/MIT)

Video game approved for the first time in the US as a prescription drug

On June 15, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the game has been approved as a prescription drug. This is the mobile application EndeavorRx, a first-person racing game. FDA approval was made possible after clinically proven therapeutic benefits from gaming. Patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can get a prescription for the game.

First person screenshot of the race (Craig Ferguson / MIT)

Screenshot of EndeavorRx (Craig Ferguson / MIT)

Most children suffer from SVDH. If anything, this disorder begins in childhood. Developed by Akili Interactive Labs in Boston, the game uses a range of academic research to playfully trick a child’s brain through a series of increasingly complex operations, thereby improving “Clinical markers of the disease”

The game developers have used some of the same psychological tricks that commercial video game creators use to encourage players to spend money to buy in-game bonuses. But instead of playing objects and skills, ADHD patients receive “targeted” activation of the prefrontal cortex and the possibility of recovery or reduction of symptoms.

“As the child progresses through play, technology continuously evaluates their capabilities and uses adaptive algorithms to adjust the difficulty and personalize the treatment experience for each individual.”

The therapeutic effects of video games have begun to be explored in the last decade. The advent of wearable sensors has opened up many new possibilities for researchers. Physiotherapy, virtual reality, and more can be added to conventional therapy. The game gives patients the opportunity to have a pleasant time, even in the case of long and tedious exercise. It is often difficult for patients to force themselves to start exercising, and in some cases this is simply impossible, for example, with depression. Playful stimuli wrapped in a beautiful psychological wrapper can help break the cycle of disease and lead to healing.

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