В VisionLabs назначен новый генеральный директор

VisionLabs has appointed a new CEO

Catherine Alexandrova

The Board of Directors of VisionLabs Group of Companies has approved Dmitry Markov, CEO of VizhnLabs, Russia, to implement the company’s approved strategy and strengthen
positions in the Russian market. The nomination was made by co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of VisionLabs Alexander Hanin, who will retain his former stake in the company and the post of Chairman of the Board
CEO of VisionLabs, will continue to lead the entire group of companies and focus on team building, product strategy, international expansion, working with investors and the largest

This year, VisionLabs has the challenge not only to strengthen its current leadership position in the market for face recognition systems, traditionally delivering double revenue growth over the previous
year, but also to create a set of products in the adjacent segments with the subsequent introduction of them including into foreign markets.

Dmitry A. Markov graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics with a major in Communication Networks and Switching Systems. In 2010 he received his MBA from California
California State University East Bay. From 2008 to 2011, he headed the department of construction and development of the Comstar-UTS network. In 2011 he led the project on
Establishment of the state emergency response system “ERA-GLONASS” as the program director at “NIS GLONASS”, and in 2014 appointed to the position of the CEO of the company.

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