Vivo showed the concept of smartphone IFEA with a detachable selfie camera

Vivo showed the concept of smartphone IFEA with a detachable selfie camera

Vivo has developed a new concept smartphone IFEA with a removable front camera module, which received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

The originality of the concept is given by the fact that the camera can work even in a disconnected state, which implies the presence of a built-in battery that provides autonomous power supply, as well as an adapter for wireless communication with a smartphone. The camera can be placed on any surface for shooting from any angle or for taking selfies with a larger audience. It can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, including using voice commands.

Vivo IFEA offers several accessories and support mechanisms with different operating modes for “improving the stability of functioning and storage of information“. The camera module can be attached to a jacket collar or dog collar for video recording. There also appears to be a security feature that, like the Samsung S Pen, alerts the user if the distance between the phone and the camera module has exceeded the allowable value.

We add that we are talking about a conceptual design, and the company does not plan to make it commercially available in the near future. However, Vivo noted that while the phone is just a concept, it “will continue to evaluate the potential use of this technology in a commercial phone“. So the concept still has a chance to become reality.

We add that the Red Dot Design Award, awarded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center from Essen (Germany), is awarded for special achievements in the field of consumer product design.

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