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Volkswagen CEO spoke about Trinity flagship electric vehicle project

CNET, citing a recent post on Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstaetter’s LinkedIn account, announced the development of a flagship electric vehicle for the German automaker. The project was named “Trinity” and very little is known about it so far.

Image from the post of CEO

Image from the post of CEO

Trinity is expected to become an analogue of the Landjet project, which is being created by Volkswagen for its subsidiaries (Audi, Porsche and Bentley). Trinity will include a second-level driver assistance system – that is, a special cruise control system will not only maintain the accelerated speed, but also help keep the car in a certain lane. Of course, this is not Tesla’s autopilot, but still. CNET calls the technology a direct competitor to General Motors’ Super Cruise.

Along the way, Volkswagen promises a radically new production process. Perhaps the company was able to figure out how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere when creating and assembling electric vehicles.

The image presented in the head’s post shows off the silhouette of a likely upcoming novelty. But it is not yet clear if this will be some kind of analogue of the Volkswagen Touareg SUV with electric drive or a newfangled sedan. The company declined to answer CNET’s questions about the project. The release date for “Trinity” has not yet been announced.

As for the Landjet, it is known that the flagship electric vehicles produced under this project will support batteries that provide a range of 650 kilometers. The first electric car “Landjet” should be released in the near future from Audi, then from Porsche and Bentley.

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