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Volkswagen intends to transfer Bugatti brand to Rimac in exchange for shares

Two years ago, the German concern Volkswagen acquired ten percent of the shares of the Croatian company Rimac, which specializes in the development of electric hypercars, through the Porsche brand. Now, according to the latest information, the German giant plans to transfer the Bugatti brand to a Croatian partner in exchange for a new stake.

Image source: Rimac Automobili

Image source: Rimac Automobili

Rimac cooperates not only with Porsche and Volkswagen, but also with other manufacturers of electric vehicles – Aston Martin and its potential competitor Koenigsegg. As noted by the British edition of Car Magazine, an agreement in principle has been reached to transfer the Bugatti brand to the disposal of Rimac Automobili in exchange for a stake in the latter, the size of which has not been specified. The Volkswagen management has allegedly approved the deal, and now the matter remains for other approvals.

Bugatti came under Volkswagen’s control in 1998 when Ferdinand Piech tried to revive the forgotten brand through the development of the Veyron hypercar, which offered a 16-cylinder engine with around 1,000 horsepower for a million euros. The car was capable of moving at a speed of 400 km / h, in 2015 its production was discontinued, which limited the conveyor life of the hypercar to one decade.

Volkswagen’s new strategy implies a serious bet on electrification, so the experienced Rimac company has every chance to present the world with another Bugatti hypercar, but already using an electric power plant. It will surely become the ideological rival of the second-generation Tesla Roadster, which should arrive by the end of 2021 or later. The Tesla electric car will be able to accelerate to “hundreds” in less than two seconds, and the power reserve will approach 1000 km. In older versions, the Roadster should be equipped with jet nozzles to help maneuver at high speeds.

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