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Volkswagen plans to end sales of ICE cars in Norway by 2023

Financial incentives and infrastructure development allowed Tesla’s electric vehicles to quickly occupy a decent portion of Norway’s car fleet, but with the release of the Volkswagen ID.3 this year, the favorite has changed. Next year, Volkswagen plans that 90% of its sales in Norway will come from electric vehicles.

Image source: Volkswagen

Image source: Volkswagen

In 2019, electric vehicles accounted for 42.4% of all new light vehicle registrations in Norway, up from a record 61.5% last month. The country’s government has decided to extend the zero tax rate on electric vehicles until 2021, and by 2025 Norway plans to completely stop selling new cars with internal combustion engines.

Volkswagen, as stated in a statement by a local importer of cars of this brand, expects to curtail sales of new ICE cars in this market by 2023. Already next year, nine out of ten cars sold in Norway by this automaker will be driven exclusively on electric traction. Already, the electric car ID.3 of this automaker surpasses the products of Tesla and Volvo / Polestar in popularity. In 2021, the German auto giant will offer customers an even wider range of electric vehicles of various classes and brands. At the beginning of this year, the importer set the goal of overcoming the 60% milestone, this figure has been achieved in the Norwegian market as a whole, and Volkswagen’s success in this area depends mainly on the ability to supply the required number of electric vehicles to Norwegian customers.

The country’s authorities are setting no less ambitious goals in the field of air travel. From 2025, Norway’s domestic airlines will begin operating electric passenger aircraft, and by 2040, the country is going to completely abandon aircraft powered by fossil fuels. True, this applies only to domestic flights, since long-range aviation will not be able to switch to electric traction so soon.

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