Volkswagen showed a mobile refueling robot for electric vehicles

Volkswagen showed a mobile refueling robot for electric vehicles

The German carmaker Volkswagen has shown a prototype of a robotic mobile charging station for electric vehicles in the video. For the first time, the development of these devices became known back in 2019. The company said that the mobile charging robot has successfully passed the status of a prototype and is now starting the process of its completion.

Thanks to the mobility of such a system, the owner of an electric car does not have to look for a special free parking space to recharge the battery; it will be enough to call a refueling robot using a mobile application.

The robot itself is equipped with a camera, a laser scanner, ultrasonic sensors, a manipulator, and a mobile battery. The capacity of the latter is 25 kilowatt-hours. It supports constant current charging up to 50 kilowatts. It is noted that the robot will be able to install several such drives at once in electric vehicles located in different parking places, and after refueling, collect them for recharging. The whole process will take place without human intervention.

An additional feature of the charging robot will be support for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology. It will allow the mobile charging station to exchange information with an electric vehicle that needs to recharge its batteries. In other words, the robot will determine for itself that charging is required and will head towards the car.

Unfortunately in Volkswagenthe companies have not yet announced exactly when to expect such robots to appear in real parking lots.

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