Warzone on Xbox One Patch 66GB to Fix Bug

Warzone on Xbox One Patch 66GB to Fix Bug

One of these days Infinity Ward released Update for Call of Duty: Warzone on all platforms. His task was to fix the error with the damage to the weapon and solve several other problems. The patch size on PC and PS4 was small, but Xbox One users had to download 66GB.

Infinity ward toldwhy the update was so huge on the Microsoft platform. It’s all about the way the Xbox One game patches are packaged, so the problem isn’t on the developers’ side. They have already announced that they are working closely with Microsoft to try to find a solution when releasing upcoming updates. It is unlikely that Xbox One users will want to download patches that weigh more than half of Call of Duty: Warzone itself every time they make edits. Meanwhile, on PC and PS4, the update size was 1.8 and 1.2 GB, respectively.

Recall: in the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, on the basis of which the aforementioned battle royale is distributed, the problem of the size of the game has long been acute. After the July patch, the PC version of the project began to occupy more than 200 GB of hard disk space. However, the 66 GB patch did not affect the final “weight” of CoD: MW on Xbox One.

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